People aren't too happy with Drake's newest ink.

After officially breaking The Beatles' record for the number of Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits, Drizzy went and added to his tattoo collection to celebrate the feat. He chose to do so by re-creating the iconic band's 1969 Abbey Road album cover on his forearm...but with himself walking in front as the fifth member. Photos of the tattoo began surfacing on Friday (Aug. 9), and unsurprisingly, some fans' reactions were less than favorable.

"Drake got a tattoo of himself as the 5th Beatle on Abbey Road after he surpassed their Billboard record," one Beatles fan wrote. "In no realm of the universe, will Drake ever live up to the influential phenomenon that was The Beatles. Sit the fuck down, Aubrey. You aggorant douche."

Another Beatles fan got creative by throwing in a Degrassi jab.

"drake getting a tattoo of himself in front of the beatles is exactly why the directors of degrassi wheelchair’d him," they wrote.

Another had an interesting point.

"So Drake said he’s got more slaps than the Beatles and proceeded to tattoo said Beatles on his arm with him infront of them," the fan questioned. "Do you think my good Sir Paul McCartney has a drake tattoo? Who’s winning. Eediat ting dat."

See more reactions to Drake's newest tattoo below. Do you think it was disrespectful?

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