No matter what your opinion is on Drake, you can't deny that he is a student of the game and a fan of hip-hop culture and music on every level. Even though it's Grammy weekend, Drake was in his hometown of Toronto to attend a press conference for King Of The Dot Entertainment's "Blackout 5" battle rap event--which probably explains why he wasn't at the Roc Nation brunch. Drizzy made an opening statement discussing his love for battle rap and fielded a few questions. Last summer, Drake allegedly challenged battle rap star Murda Mook to a contest and ever since, Mook has publicly called out Drake on wax about following up on his word.

During the presser, somebody asked Drake if he was seriously interested in entering the battle circuit. "I would love to enter the scene," said Drake. "It's tough for me because it's a no-holds-barred competitive interaction and the problem with that is I have to back to my life after that. I've always struggled with that as far as battle rap goes. I would love to get into the scene but I have obligations that I might say something and somebody might say something about me and it makes it stuff when I have corporate stuff going on. It's a tough thing. I think one day I might do it. I don't know if Mook deserves it...I have a folder in my phone full of bars for somebody one day. We'll figure it out."

Word of Drake's comments will surely get around to Mook and this may be the spark needed to get the battle seriously planned.