Many artists have came, saw and attempted to conquer the rap game, but few have been able to place their imprint and influence on the culture quite like Drake. The Toronto native, who used to lounge in HoustAtlantaVegas with family roots in Memphis, is now global, with fans from the farthest reaches of earth tuning in to hear him speak. However, it may feel like his ascent to near-legend status happened overnight, but it's actually the culmination of more than a decade worth of work.

After transitioning from being a child actor on the hit show Degrassi, Aubrey Graham evolved into an aspiring rapper named Drake, unveiling his debut mixtape, Room for Improvement, in 2006. Following that up with efforts like his 2008 burner, Comeback Season, Drake finally hit his stride in 2009, with his landmark project, So Far Gone, which catapulted him into the conscious of the mainstream via his introspection, fluid flow and all-around multicultural swagger.

Putting respect on his name as an artist came easy for both new-gen rap fans and purveyors of the old guard alike, both of whom he's catered to throughout his career. Since announcing his arrival on the main stage with his debut album, Thank Me Later, Drake has dominated the charts and has ruled with an iron fist, never relenting his position as the golden child of mainstream hip-hop.

Say whatever you want about the writing credits or his appropriation of waves, but what can't be denied is the greatness and consistency the 6 God has shown to the world throughout his five solo LPs and laundry list of fan favorites. To celebrate his decorated tenure in the game, as well as the release of his latest album, Views, we've ranked all of Drizzy's solo long players. So that means you won't see his Future collabo What a Time to Be Alive here. Where does your favorite Drake album stand up? Take a look.

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