Yesterday (January 17) Just Blaze posted a video on his Twitter account that showed Dr. Dre hinting that his long awaited album, Detox, would be released on April 20 [watch below]. A rep for rap legend spoke to MTV News and debunked the rumors, saying the date was not referring to the LP’s release. As of press time, it is unclear what the superproducer was promoting.

Back in November, Dre dropped his first single for the project, the Snoop Dogg and Akon assisted “Kush.” To date the song has peaked at No. 11 on Billboard's Rap Songs chart.

Dre told XXL in our Dec/Jan 2011 issue that he’s amped about finally releasing the disc—which is 12 years in the making. “I’m really feeling it now,” he said. “My energy has been back and forth with the record, tussling with doing it out of obligation, as opposed to doing it because I really feel it. My feelings about it have been going up and down. Now I’m in that place where I’m really feeling it, and it’s coming out right. It’s like, Yeah, I’m excited about it.”

As of press time Detox does not have an official release date. —Elan Mancini