Brooklyn's DonMonique raps over excellent production from Kirk Knight for her new song "Selfish." The budding rapper shows off her aggressive style, rapping about taking what is rightfully hers.

"Never put a boss bitch under pressure/Used to make bands selling grams out the dresser/Uh, now it's 20 for the tours nothing lesser/It's effortless bring your bitch I undress her then I finesse her/Young D.O/Shit, you outta focus if you can't see it/The hustle smooth like the kitty I got your man eating/The city with me i feel it, nigga i can't leave it," she raps.

"Selfish" is a preview of what fans can expect from Don's upcoming album. She explains what it was like working with Kirk.

"I worked on this song so many times to get it right and it ended up fire," she said over email. "I thrive in the summertime, and like we all know "Thirst Trap" is like my own little genre. I don't wanna say too much about it yet but I've been working really close with some producers on this one and I can't wait everyone to hear the new sounds."

Don made waves in 2015, when she dropped her debut project, Thirst Trap, which was lead by her hit single “Pilates (Kendall, Kylie, Miley).” Now she's looking to take things to the next level for her follow up, Thirst Trap 2.

Bump "Selfish" below.

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