While fans continue to wait for Dave East's Paranoia 2 EP, the New York rapper recently teamed up with Connecticut rapper Don Zio P for the official "Switch" Remix.

"Switch up the money, then switch up the plates/I take yo bitch on a date/I got some young niggas with Crip on they face/Cocaine so good she licking the plate/I got a crib by the water, I got a new foreign and I can see fish in the lake," Dave East raps on the song.

Discussing their collaboration, Don Zio P told Mass Appeal, "Dave East getting on this record is confirmation of what this song is about." He added, "His verse certified the song for me. Everything that has unfolded thus far has been an exciting new experience, a big switch."

Up next for Don Zio P, the Republic Records signee is working on his debut EP, No Average Joe, which is said to be coming soon.

As for Dave East, the rapper recently told us he was working on the follow up to Paranoia: A True StoryWhile the sequel missed East's Halloween release date, he did say it would come soon.  "I'ma come with another one, one more EP," he said. And then, album time, like my real debut -- debut, debut. Probably like, end of the year, top of the year... That's when you gon' be hearing about Tidal and all that."

Listen to the "Switch (Remix)" below.

Republic Records
Republic Records

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