Don Trip brings out an all-star lineup of Tennessee rappers for his latest track. The talented MC links up with his Step Brothers cohort Starlito and fellow Memphis native Young Dolph on the new song "All I Wanted." The single serves as the latest preview of Don Trip's upcoming album The Head That Wears The Crown.

The song sounds more like a Step Brothers record than a solo cut as Don Trip and Starlito get equal time on this one. Young Dolph comes through with the hook which he knocks out the park. Trip and Lito are in top form on "All I Wanted" as they keep it as real as it gets.

"Two percent on my window/Nosy ass nigga, quit peaking/Right nigga can't get a verse from Trip/Now niggas swear we beefing/Broke ass nigga go get some money and we can schedule a meeting/Sorry, I'm out the office for the weekend/Get back to you when I feel it's convenient/Please hop off of my gonads/My niggas riders, no mopeds/It's so sad if you die over that shit you wrote in your notepad/All I wanted was a peace of mind/But the rent was due and the lights was out," Don Trip raps on the opening verse.

Don Trip's new album The Head That Wears The Crown is scheduled to drop on July 8. You can pre-order it now on iTunes. Check out the official tracklist for the LP below.

1. "Yeah"
2. "Responsibilities"
3. "All I Wanted" Feat. Young Dolph and Starlito
4. "Something Borrowed"
5. "Replacement"
6. "Higher Learning"
7. "Price Tag" Feat. CEO Lil Kenny
8. "Starve" Feat. Singa B
9. "Changing" Feat. Singa B
10. "Friends"
11. "Night of the Living Dead"
12. "She Love Me"
13. "My Shawty"
14. "Who"
15. "No Trophies"

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