The Odd Future collective is a group of young lyricists who take pride is stepping outside the box, combining creative song concepts and cutting edge production. Some say a sum is only as good as its parts. On occasion members step outside the confines of team tapes, with smaller groups within the larger set pushing themselves into the limelight. Now Domo Genesis looks to showcase his talents with his new project titled No Idols, produced entirely by Alchemist.

Domo reached for the mountain tops in regards to production for this project by linking with the famed producer. Like Covert Coup with Curren$y, the mad scientist Alc is proving a fine counterpart to craft artists' entire projects. He is in a league of his own early in the project with "Prophecy," the intense keys, sharp guitar and timely flute create a ominus feel that makes hearts race without needing to include any percussion. Domo compliments the beat, kicking, "If I can help it I'ma die a legend/Live a wild life die hard and let my children tell it." The veteran beatsmith shows no bounds throughout, mixing up the samples and feels of this project. The chemist dug deep in his crates for the perfect sample for "All Alone," combining the sound of a fighter from Street Fighter, a soulful singer and snare and hi-hats that he cooks up to come off with ease.

Domo gets solid verses from fellow Wolf Gang cohort Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt. He utilizes the two well, keeping the project full of energy with timely aggression, as they showcase their high octange lyrical approach only when needed, ensuring that it doesn't come off overbearing, as it can when they are the focus. Domo invites Smoke DZA for a gem on  "Power Ballads," showcasing effortless flows. A lyrical Battle Royal ensues involving Action Bronson, Vince Staples and Earl Sweatshirt on "Elimination Chamber," over the timely sample of WWE commentator Jim Ross. Bronson shows he is the King of the Ring with bars like "I'm like a boss at the end of a Nintendo game/My brain is on another level, I can feel the devil's pain/Only address me by my reverend name/The good doctor, the good author, good brain in the good porsche."

It was clear that from the gate was that the goal with No Idols was to showcase the talents of the young lyricist from OF, showing he is here to live by his own standards and is more than capable of stepping out of the shadow of some of the bigger names from the group. The synergy between Alchemist and Domo is notable, as the beats and approach lyrically are unpredictable, but not out of control. Though he doesn't get the notoriety of some of his fellow OFWGKTA members, Domo Genesis has the talents to be one of the faces of the crew. —Christian Mordi