Around this time last year, Doe Boy had just left a prison cell after being locked up for three long years. Now, the "Letter to Future" rapper is celebrating the recent anniversary of the day he was freed by putting out Codeine Confessions, his newest mixtape.

"This day last year I was released from prison after serving 3 years. It was only right I celebrated with dropping new music," the "956 Nights" performer wrote in an Instagram post featuring the cover for his latest project. You can see the post below.

He continued, "Special thanks to all my day one fans and supporters who been watching me grow to become the artist I am today. Only y'all would know how far I came and this just the beginning. Special thanks to the new fans who just now getting familiar with my music. Hopefully you can ride with us on this journey to success from this point on. Thanks to my hood, my gang, and my family for pushing me to go harder every day. Y'all keep me motivated. If it wasn't for y'all I probably would have been gave up. I'm so focused right now it ain't no way possible I'm gone let us down. I'm jus getting started .Last but not least, Special shout out to everybody who turned they back on me y'all really inspired me to go harder 😈 With that being said go get that new tape now! Available everywhere! #CodeineConfessions."

The new project features a guest verse from Young Scooter and production from Will-A-Fool, XL, Drum Dummie, Sosa 808, Rell On Da Beat, Yung Coke, Timmy Da Hitman and Dubba-AA. You can check out the tracklist for the project and the project itself below.

Doe Boy's Codeine Confessions Tracklist

1. "Mood" [Prod. By Drum Dummie]
2. "Bishop"[Prod. By Will A Fool & XL]
3. "Saucin'"[Prod. By Sosa 808]
4. "Curved" [Prod. By Sosa 808]
5. "Kick A Door" (Feat. Young Scooter) [Prod. By Timmy Da Hitman]
6. "Nothing Wrong" [Prod. By Rell On Da Beat]
7. "Reason" [Prod. By Rell On Da Beat]
8. "Rats & Snakes" [Prod. By Yung Coke]
9. "Again" [Prod. By Yung Coke]
10. "Codeine Confessions" [Prod. By Dubba-AA]

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