Well this is awkward.

Yesterday (Jan. 6) the internet went on fire when news broke that DMX is making his return to hip-hop and dropping a new album on Jan. 13. On AmazonRedemption Of The Beast was spotted, a 16-track LP with guest collaborations from Freeway, Rampage and Jannyce. X and fellow Ruff Ryder Swizz Beatz were pictured in the studio together back in September 2014, which left hip-hop fanatics clamoring for a new project.

But hold your horses folks because Dark Man X has nothing to do with this project. A rep from the Yonkers MC's camp has confirmed with XXL exclusively that they have no involvement with Redemption Of The Beast. They are not the only ones calling out the project. Swizz Beatz and DMX himself took to Instagram to put a stop to the lies (see below).


Ein von @dmx gepostetes Foto am

Domenick Nati of Nati Celebrity Services, a rep for DMX, also issued the following statement:

I spoke to DMX today and he was unaware of the upcoming announcement of the "Redemption Of The Beast" album. When I read him the projected track list of songs to be released X said, 'that's all stolen music'. DMX and myself are highly disappointed that trust was broken and that these songs may be released and sold without X's knowledge or consent. DMX and Swizz Beatz are working on an album together and fans should look to their official social media accounts for accurate information.

Even though this is disappointing news, you have to be happy with the fact that Swizz did say that Ruff Ryders' head honcho is working on a new project. Let's hope it drops in 2015.