DJ Webstar is self-quarantining this morning after he revealed that he has contracted the coronavirus.

On Tuesday (March 24), the producer, whose claim to fame is his song "Chicken Noodle Soup," revealed the news in a video posted to his Instagram timeline. In the video, Webstar describes the symptoms he's been suffering from lately. Then, after testing negative for the flu, the producer said he went to get tested for COVID-19.

"I started getting a lot of symptoms on about nine,10 days ago, so isolated myself immediately," Webstar explained. "Fever, headaches, sore throat, shortness of breath, body aches, no appetite. So I thought it was the flu originally. The flu test back came back negative. The COVID test I go back about an hour ago and I tested positive for it."

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Webstar joins other artists like producer Andrew Watt and Slim Thug, both of whom have tested positive for the virus and have self-quarantined. Thug revealed he caught the disease in an Instagram video he uploaded yesterday.

"As careful as I’ve been, self-quarantining, staying home–I might have did... Went got something to eat or something or did some stuff like that," Slim Thug says in the video. "Simple stuff like that, nothing crazy. Stayed in my truck had mask, gloves, everything on and my test came back positive so. Y’all gotta take this stuff serious. Sit home, self-quarantine, do not come outside for however long they saying. If you have symptoms, you need to go get checked out or whatever. I’m good, I feel good. I don’t got no problems right now. The other day I had a slight fever and a cough; I feel better now. I have no fever or nothing like that so I feel like I’m good. But y’all better take it serious, it’s real out here."

Meanwhile, Webstar also said that he also has asthma so he's monitoring himself carefully.

XXL has reached out to DJ Webstar for additional comment.

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