DJ Paul links up with Weirdo Westwood King for the video to "Ain't Gone Love It," off Paul's upcoming mixtape, Vol. 17 For Da Summer 17, which drops this month, according to his SoundCloud page.

In the video, DJ Paul (a.k.a. DJ Paul KOM) and Westwood King take a ride around town with their old school whips.

"Ain't Gone Love It" almost didn't make DJ Paul's upcoming mixtape. "When I first made the beat, I made it for Weirdo's solo tape that I'm producing," he explains to XXL. "He's my new artist from Memphis, but once he heard it, we started writing the hook together. So I ended up thinking it'll be a better feel for Vol. 17 cause it was the OG sound. Weirdo was perfect for it 'cause his voice is so unique and sounded great over the track. Plus, he love girl songs [laughs]."

Returning with his Volume series, Vol. 17 is sure to be filled with bangers by DJ Paul K.O.M. In 1994, DJ Paul released the last mixtape in his Volume collection called Vol. 16 For Da Summa 94". Vol. 16 propelled DJ Paul and Juicy J to their first album as Three 6 MafiaMystic Stylez, which was released in the summer of 1995. Mystic Stylez is easily one of the best projects to ever come out of Memphis.

Watch the video for "Ain't Gone Love It" below.

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