There are few songs in hip-hop that elicit a response like House of Pain's 1992 track "Jump Around." On Friday (March 16), 26 years after its release, we got a new remix of the super lit track from DJ Muggs, Everlast, Damian Marley and Mayhem Lauren.

Commissioned as the 25th anniversary edition, Everlast, a former House of Pain member, and DJ Muggs, the producer of the original track, enlist a different flavor for the updated version, which contains the same OG instrumental. Damian Marley gives the uplifting track a boost with his turnt reggae rantings. "Jump up, jump up, everybody jump up!" he directs.

Meyhem adds some new school flavor to the banger. "I don't jump, I sit back and just watch/I pop, you drop, you get cops," he raps. "The money and the fame and rep be good name/Before this rap shit we worked with good 'caine/Concrete terrain insane, we ain't playing."

House of Pain, and early 1990s hip-hop group consisting of Everlast, Danny Boy, DJ Lethal, will forever be known for the signature jam. The track peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed on the chart for 30 weeks. Since, it has acquired a cult following and has planted itself in pop culture. The single has appeared in over a dozen films including Rush Hour, Black Hawk Down, Happy Gilmore and Ms. Doubtfire. It's a mainstay at sporting events, especially at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, as it is a tradition for students to leap around between the third and fourth quarter of every home football game while the record plays.

Now it lives on with an updated version.

Check out DJ Muggs, Everlast, Damian Marley and Mayhem Lauren's "Jump Around (Remix)" below.

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