DJ Khaled keeps the videos rolling in from his new album, Grateful. A day after the release of the new project, the We The Best boss unveils the visual for "On Everything" featuring Rick Ross, Travis Scott and Big Sean.

In the Eif Rivera-directed clip, Khaled and his assembled crew of rappers post up in a lavish castle-type compound which is protected by armed guards. The MCs rap outside of plush digs, turning up to the uptempo anthem. There's even a scene where Travis has two tigers on a leash.

The video ends with a scene similar to the last sequence in the film, Scarface, with dozens of gun-toting goons storming the compound. Before the action jumps off, the words To Be Continued pop up on the screen.

"On Everything" has been a standout record on Grateful partially because people think Big Sean is dissing Kendrick Lamar on the track. On the lines in question, Sean spits, “Boy, I’m a Caesar, I see shit and seize it/Roc-A-Fella chain, but you can still get Ethered/Yeah, they don’t really fucking feel me man, but when you really run it they try and clip your Achilles/I’m on track to a billi’, I got Khaled fuckin’ with me/That mean I got the Holy Key and got the key to the city.”

Many believe the subliminal lies in the reference to "Holy Key" a song Kenny and Big Sean appeared on off Khaled's last album. This is in response to K. Dot possibly dissing Big Sean on "The Heart Pt. 4."

Watch the "On Everything" video below.

Twitter Thinks Big Sean Disses Kendrick Lamar on DJ Khaled's New Album Grateful

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