Just moments after the conclusion of the 2017 Grammy Awards, the irrepressible DJ Khaled blessed the world with "Shining," his joyous and energetic new feel-good anthem featuring Jay Z and Beyoncé. From Hov and the Queen Bey's boastful verses to the artwork featuring Khaled's tuxedo-rocking newborn son, everything about "Shining" emanates love, light and success.

The track starts with a simple hook from Beyoncé, who uses her powerful, but mainstream-accessible vocals to their fullest effect. "Shinin', shinin', shinin', shinin'," she sings in the first part of the chorus.

"All of this winnin', I've been losin' my mind, yeah (Losin' my mind)/Oh, hold on, hold on, baby/Don't (don't) try to (try to)/Slow me down (down)/Don't (don't) try to (try to)/Slow me down," she continues.

 In the refrain for the song she sings that neither another man nor massive sums of money can make her happy. She gets that from something else. Once her verse starts, she refers to herself as someone who's "about it like a bubble car sticker" and tells everyone that they "better make a smile when you see that bitch pull up." Jay Z is definitely proud of Bey's swag-injected verse.

Speaking of Hova, "Shining" proves that he's still one of the best braggers in hip-hop almost 21 years after the release of Reasonable Doubt. Over the course of his effortlessly confident verse, "I've been winning so long it's like alchemy/I've been playing cards with the house money," he raps over the DJ Khaled and Danja-produced banger.

He continues with a playful nod to 21 Savage, rapping, "21 Grammys I'm a savage nigga," he raps, briefly lowering the tone of his voice to match the deep, drowsy sound of the Atlanta rapper.

"Shining" is an appropriately upbeat first single for Khaled's upcoming album Grateful, which will be the prolific DJ's 10th studio album. Khaled has provided the rap game with a steady stream of hit records over the last 10 years, and if his newest track is any indication, he's all set to do the same for year 11. Stay tuned.

Listen to a preview of "Shining" below and stream the song in its entirety by subscribing to Tidal.

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