DJ Drama will continue his Gangsta Grillz mixtape series with releases from Gucci Mane, Fabolous, Cory Gunz, Willie The Kid, and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em all in the coming months.

However, his first order of business is the upcoming album, Gangsta Grillz 2, set for release amidst a crowded playing field on May 19 — the same day Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Method Man & Redman all plan to drop their latest discs. “I’m excited—it’s ‘big dog’ day,” Drama told “All [those artists] are people that I have the utmost respect for in that I came up loving and supporting their movements so to have an album come out on the same day as all those guys is an honor.”

The dawn of summer will then see a rush of releases from Drama’s signature mixtape series, the first of which will be Cory Gunz’s Heir To The Throne, in the works since November. Willie The Kid’s The Fly will follow, as well as Fabolous’ There Is No Competition Part 2 in anticipation of the Brooklyn emcee’s forthcoming album, Loso’s Way.

Not surprisingly, the Grand Hustle DJ will hook back up with rising ATL star Gucci Mane for a follow-up to The Movie, but Drama is also cooking up a certainly less-expected collaboration — Follow Me with Soulja Boy.

“We met a couple months ago, chopped it up on the phone, and agreed that a Gangsta Grillz would be hot,” said Dram. “He’s definitely been on his mixtape grind and it was only right that we linked up.”

Expect no future collaborations with now ex-Grand Hustle muscle Alfamega, after T.I. kicked him out of the camp amidst the revelation that he was a former DEA informant. Said Drama of Mega’s past, “I wasn’t aware of that and I definitely have to disassociate myself from it.” - Devin Chanda