District 21 returns. Recently, the rapper, who is the son of West Coast legend Mack 10, unleashed a new song and video by the name of "Jeeps."

Featuring a low-key g-funk instrumental, "Jeeps" finds District 21 flaunting some quality lyricism and the flow of a seasoned vet.

"Ain't no limit when it's in my possession/I got bullets, I got demons headed in my direction/Pardon the smoke it's part of the stressing/If they kill me pardon my legend, I'm already in it," he spits on the track. Throughout the rest of the track, District spits about the maneuvers he makes with his team and growing up without a lot of options.

The visual for the track vaguely resembles a stylish, high-speed chase you might see in a Fast & Furious movie. It begins with a man digging a hole in the desert as District looks on.

From there, we're taken back to what's presumably District's crib in California. He's with his homies, who, like him, are rocking all black. Suddenly, he receives a text reading, "21 they're here." "They" means the cops, and within seconds, District and his people grab a few stuffed duffle bags, jump into their jeeps and dip.

Unfortunately, the police catch them and find their duffle bags. The LAPD's completely surprised by what they find as District and his friends laugh. We'll let you watch the video to see what happens next—or what happened before.

District 21, who dropped off some impressive rapping on his song "Regulators" last year, is currently gearing up to release his forthcoming Topanga Bloom project. It doesn't have a release date yet, but be on the lookout.

Watch "Jeeps" below.

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