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Earlier this month, Kanye took a break during one of his shows following Paris Fashion Week to show off some unexpectedly lithe dance moves. Fans jumped all over the Instagram video, of course, putting 'Ye in the unfortunate position of dancing to Drake, Usher, Michael Jackson, the Cosby Show theme and a myriad of other songs to which his moves weren't really set. Now, the only man who can give West a run for his money in the outspokenness department is hopping on the trend as well. In a video on his Instagram account, Diddy mimicked the Yeezus rapper's routine, proclaiming that it's "courageous to dance." Check out the brief clip above, and be sure to follow Diddy's account if you dream of a life where the bottles are always cold and the furs are never rented.

The two rapper-producers have more in common than just their Elaine Benes-level dancing. Though Kanye is usually awarded more authorship by critics and fans, each has put out a series of records where they act as bold, auteurish stage managers, employing a vast array of writers and producers in service of a singular vision. When Diddy earlier this year announced a limited-time return to producing, Kanye was one of the few artists with whom he said he was excited to work. Kanye's seventh solo album, So Help Me God, has yet to receive a release date but is expected imminently.