While he was locked up and since he's been home, Gucci Mane has transformed his figure from a running joke to body goals. Clearly, that radical change did not come via a vegan diet. The rapper was recently offered vegan food while out dining with Diddy and Jermaine Dupri, but the Atlanta rapper was clearly not a fan of what he saw and heard was on his plate.

Video of the encounter popped up on JD's Instagram page on Saturday (May 25). In the clip, the trio are having a lunch at 5 Star Island in Miami. Before Guwop is plated two of what looks like hamburgers. Things get awkward when the waiter explains what exactly the Evil Genius MC is looking at.

"This right here is a vegan BLT, vegan bacon with some marinated tomatoes, micro greens and fresh vegan mayo on a gluten-free bun. It's something special out here."

Gucci listens to the explanation intently, with his hand parked under nose, unimpressed. Diddy and JD hold in their laughter. "I don't know about this one," Gucci says.

"Tell the truth about it. It's all good," Diddy urges.

"I might end up with the burger," Guwop finally concedes.

Several rappers have gone vegan over the years including Waka Flocka Flame, Common and Dupri who helped promote the vegan lifestyle in a PETA campaign in 2018.

Check out the hilarious clip of Gucci Mane's struggle over whether or not to try vegan food below.

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