Following a successful 2017 that saw Dice Soho drop a number of songs, the Houston rapper returns with his latest track, "Wavy (Freestyle)."

"It's 2 a.m., come and get you some/I'm in the studio finishin' up on my album/You anticipatin' on the outcome/I'm the icy nigga, I'm the right one/I'ma hit that pussy with the lights on," Dice raps over a melodic instrumental produced by Will Peters. The rapper also showcases his vocals in the song, crooning during the hook, "I'm so wavy, baby/Man, I'm so wavy, baby."

In May, Dice Soho became the flagship artist on Mike Dean's new M.W.A. record label. The rapper received praise from Dean, who said, "The first session we did was the 'Goin' Up' song... I was like, 'Oh, okay. This guy has something.' He came out and we smoked a few blunts in the studio. I made the beat on the spot. Then he wrote his shit as I made the beat. It actually started out as a different song. We changed the hook. We thought it needed flavor."

XXL also caught up with Dice in 2017 and asked him about his goals in hip-hop. “My goal in music is to tour the whole universe and win Grammys," he told us. "I’m trying to make sure all my people are good and my kids are good and my kid’s kids are good. I’m trying to be in the game for a while. I’m trying to turn up forever for real."

Listen to "Wavy (Freestyle)" below.

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