The “come up” is a term synonymous with success in hip-hop. Whether it's something as elementary as getting an extra scoop of free ice cream from the ice cream man, or something as major as getting a new record deal, the “come up” comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. A consequence of the “come up” though, is that it is often followed by people who are mad at your success. Pittsburgh native Devin Miles tackles that exact issue on “Came Up”.

The bouncy trap production on “Came Up” provides a terrific backdrop to the slick lyrical stylings of Devin Miles, who sets the tone of the song from the outset with the dizzyingly catchy hook. From that point on, Devin does a great job of juxtaposing his past and present situations, giving the listener a vivid picture of where he came from, and why his current success deserves to be celebrated, despite the people who hate. “I remember begging promoters for 10 minutes, that's all I would ask for/Now I'm headlining festivals that require a passport,” says Miles, really putting his current triumphs into perspective. Miles shines from beginning to end on the track.

Listen to the celebratory song below, and look for his debut album Pixburgh in October.

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