On his last album, 50 Cent opted to go the collabo-heavy route and bypassed stalwarts like Dr. Dre and Eminem.

The two stars guided Fif's massive debut. So this time around, for Before I Self Destruct, the G-Unit General decided to return to a winning formula.

Dre and Em are both set to produce and appear on 50's fourth--and possibly last--Interscope solo project.

50 is also putting together a film to compliment his album.

"My film captures the harsh realities that reflect so many communities today," the rapper said in a statement. "There will be some who will greatly identify with the characters and the situations presented and then there will be others who may be shocked at the struggles that go on in the inner city. I made the film for both groups."

In the flick, Fif stars as Clarence and is revengeful as his character tries to avenge the death of his mother. (A trailer for the project is available to view here.)

50 Cent's first single, the Scott Storch-produced "Get Up" has been serviced to radio.

Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to be released December 9---Anthony Thomas

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