Desiigner is one of hip-hop's most energetic rappers and is always responsible for a few laughs, but during a recent interview, the "Panda" artist reveals there was a dark point in his life.

Appearing on Snoop Dogg's GGN News, the Brooklyn rapper was asked where he gets his energy. After saying he just likes to make people happy, Desiigner revealed there was a time he wanted to kill himself. According to the rapper, the thought came after a rap battle he had with some friends from South Carolina. While Desiigner says the friends were feeling his style, he didn't see "the energy as if they were really fucking" with him. The battle left Desiigner depressed and contemplating suicide.

"I went home, I said, fuck that shit, I'ma kill myself," he said. "The second I said that shit, I got scared as hell. I got scared cause I told myself that. So when I told myself that, I'm like, nah, I ain't killin' myself. So from there on, I always kept a smile on my face... There's so much more I can do. I can never kill myself."

With Desiigner now in a better place, the rapper is ready to drop more music and may have a joint album on the way. Earlier this week, the rapper teased a collaboration project from him and PnB Rock. "PNB AND DESIIGNER ALBUM @pnbrock coming Soon," he tweeted.

The rapper also reminded people that he hasn't fallen off. Desiigner posted an Instagram video addressing his haters, saying, "For all them haters out there man. I don't wanna hear all this shit, 'Desiigner fell off.' Desiigner never fell nowhere. You feel what I'm saying? I fell into a motherfuckin' mansion I just bought in L.A."

Check out Desiigner's interview with Snoop Dogg below.

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