If you've ever seen Desiigner in any type of scenario, you know he is one of the most animated artists in hip-hop history. Seeing him not all the way turnt up is a rarity. Director Cory Pitkavish does the seemingly impossible in the new video for the G.O.O.D. Music artist's track, "Shoot."

The new banger is produced by production duo Play-N-Skillz and features trap concepts along with a slow piano loop. "Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot/Bust down rollies, huh/New AP is on me, huh/Givenchy slippers on me/Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot," the "Panda" rapper repeats on the chorus.

The video finds the Brooklyn entertainer somewhere in the hills and is severely subdued for a Desiigner visual. The first half is mostly made up of the rapper standing and starring ominously into the camera as the shot slowly closes in on him.

Eventually, the turn up commences with Desiigner and a few homies livening things up with some dance moves. "Came to your block with the 30, huh/Yeah I'm getting guap in the morning, huh," he raps. "Pull up I'm skrting in the foreign, (skrt skrt)/And I like to trap in the foreign, huh/Spin on your block with the 30, huh/Hitting on the niggas and I'm scoring."

Desiigner surprised fans with his L.O.D. EP in May, and has been steadily rolling out videos off the project, including visuals for "Priice Tag" and "Tonka." "Shoot" appears to be off an upcoming release.

Watch Desiigner's new "Shoot" video below.

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