Potentially lost in some of the pandemonium surrounding Desiigner and his breakout smash "Panda" is the fact that the Brooklyn rapper is just 19 years of age. His gravelly voice and Kanye West co-sign may suggest differently, but he's still finishing up his teenage years, having celebrated a birthday just last month. Desiigner was expectedly excited then when he shared a few videos online of he and his buddy's on the way to prom in a Rolls-Royce.

"You know what time it is," the rapper says throughout the stitched together video, at times becoming indecipherable he's so overwhelmed with excitement. The video shows him in the whip and then in the venue, the DJ playing the tail end of Drake's "Controlla." Desiigner appears to be decked out in an all black suit, gold covering his neck and wrist.

In recent weeks, the "Panda" rapper has revealed that his upcoming album will be titled The Life of Desiigner, borrowing its name from his social handles, and he likewise made an appearance at Puff Daddy's Bad Boy reunion concert event. Just as well, the BK rhymer made his network television debut when he performed "Panda" on The Late Show with Stephen Cobert. The video for "Panda" which stars West, dropped less than a month ago, proving the song's staying power, particularly as summer rolls around.

Catch some of Desiingner's prom-ready wave up top. There's no indication that the DJ played "Panda" at the ceremony, but it doesn't seem too far of a stretch.

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