Desiigner's hit single "Panda" has been an undeniable force for months now, so it's only right the song gets a music video. Those visuals have finally arrived tonight (May 10) as yet another Tidal exclusive.

The Brooklyn rapper brings the successful Menace-produced track to life in this new music video. Desiigner hops in a car, hits the streets in the newly acquired vehicle and tries to avoid the cops on the prowl. There's plenty of dabbing in this one too and even a brief cameo by Kanye West.

This music video adds new life to Desiigner's smash hit, which took him from complete unknown to topping the charts. "Panda" helped the young rapper ink a deal with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint and got an added boost when 'Ye used it for "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2" on The Life of Pablo.

Last month, Desiigner's "Panda" reached its pinnacle when it landed at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This ended a 41 week streak where a rap record had not been atop the chart. Desiigner was the first rapper to top the chart with a debut entry since Iggy Azalea did so with her single "Fancy" in 2014.

The big question surrounding Desiigner is whether he can continue to replicate the success of "Panda" or if he will be dismissed as another one-hit wonder. The G.O.O.D. Music signee appears to be in good hands as Mike Dean is executive producing Desiigner's album. The acclaimed producer recently spoke to Billboard about the Brooklyn MC.

"He’s a lot more of an artist than you think he is. He’s not just some Future knockoff," Dean said. "He talks like that — he sounds like he’s got Auto-Tune on his voice in real life. He talks like Future raps, which is weird."

With a veteran like Mike Dean helping out, Desiigner seems poised to avoid the trappings of a one-hit wonder. The criticism of biting Future's style probably won't stop anytime soon, but that has not stopped Desiigner from becoming a major player in the music world.

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