Desiigner may be one of the most positive rappers in the game, as he always shows off enthusiasm and a smile wherever he goes, but he does have some grievances to get off his chest. The "Panda" hitmaker allegedly posted a tweet taking shots at New York radio, which seemed to be quickly deleted shortly after it reportedly went up.

According to screenshots taken by Twitter users, the original tweet allegedly read, "Fuck NY RADIO," followed by four middle finger emojis. His timeline no longer displays the statement, or any follow up to tweets in response, but fans and the hip-hop community are discussing the alleged comments. Many listeners are also confused, as the "Outlet" rapper represents Brooklyn, but is still allegedly throwing shots at radio stations from his own city.

This isn't the first time a New York rapper has been reportedly outspoken about the city's radio. Joey Bada$$ did an interview with Hot 97 a few weeks back where he spoke out about the lack of youth being given the same radio platform that the veterans are still running. The Pro Era MC believes that there needs to be younger voices on hip-hop stations, as they aren't keeping up with the times as well as they used to. It looks like New York rappers share some common issues with their own home city radio stations.

See the alleged deleted tweet from Desiigner below to see what he said about New York radio.

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