Earlier this year, a traffic incident involving Desiigner took a strange turn when the rapper allegedly decided to expose his genitals during an altercation. While footage showed the artist pulling his pants down, Desiigner is now off the hook because police couldn't actually tell if he showed his penis.

According to a report from TMZ on March 20, law enforcement received video from surrounding buildings where the incident took place but the shots were from too far away. Sources say the footage made the people in the video look small and it was impossible to tell if Desiigner actually exposed himself.

The original footage that was posted on social media, which appears to be from Jan. 27, also served as no help to authorities. While the video had a close up view of Desiigner, the footage was shot from behind and didn't actually show if he really showed anything. The "Panda" rapper can be seen pulling down his pants, but it's uncertain if he showed his penis or if he was even wearing underwear.

While the "Liife" rapper may be off the hook on the case, he could still be facing more legal trouble. Earlier this month, Jessica Brown, president of the company College Gurl, sued Desiigner for defamation after the rapper blasted her on Instagram.

According to Brown, she helped Desiigner's sister get into Howard University and got her set up with a storage unit. But after the rapper's sister left school and left her belongings, Brown says Desiigner called her a scammer on social media.

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