After all of the success Desiigner is having with his music, he’s back with a brand new banger. “Holy Ghost” dropped via the rappers SoundCloud and it catches Desiigner spitting about his Phantom Rolls-Royce, sipping on codeine, and telling his haters don't worry about how he’s making his money. You can hear the new track, produced by CashMoneyAp, below.

“Say you got it/Say you know me, how you get it? How you got it?/You say you ‘bout it/You say you know me, how I get it out the projects,” Desiigner raps. “Had to get my dough right/Get it more right/In the club with some bitches, wanna suck it all night/Wanna fuck me all night/Be too poppin’ with my niggas we be thuggin’ all night/All of this ice and it’s all bright.”

Desiigner is having one hell of a career so far and it’s still very early. His breakout record “Panda” which dropped in late 2015 went for times platinum back in December of 2016. His follow-up single after that, “Timmy Turner,” was first heard as a freestyle for XXL’s Freshmen List. “Timmy Turner” ended up going platinum in January of this year. All together, Desiigner has accumulated 10 million singles sold.

With G.O.O.D. Music’s President Pusha T backing him, Desiigner is showing his longevity in the industry.

Check out “Holy Ghost” below.

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