Desiigner is back, and as is usually the case, the G.O.O.D. Music upstart brings a healthy dose of Auto-tune and youthful energy along with him. Last night (April 3), the "Tiimmy Turner" performer dropped two new songs called "Up," produced by Juicy J, and "Thank God I Got It," while also making his previously released track "Holy Ghost" available for download on iTunes.

The first truly new track is "Up," a turn-up sort of anthem with a good a bit of positive, optimistic vibes mixed in.

"I been riding through the city/They tryna fuck my night up/A lot of shit that I hold down
It's time that I bring right up/I'ma get rich, get rich/And I'ma live it right up/There's lotta shit that I hold down/Hey, I'ma bring it right up," Desiigner raps in the hook for the track, using his typically melodic flow while doing so.

Next up from the new column is "Thank God I Made It," an up-beat, Mitus-produced track that finds Desiigner reflecting on his success and the opportunities its provided him. He even drops a Lil Yachty reference.

"Thank God I got it, thank God yeah nigga I got it/Thank God yeah a nigga ain't plottin'/And Lil Yachty, yeah nigga got broccoli/I be gettin' it not stoppin'/Young nigga getting money, no option," Desiigner raps in his opening verse of the new track.

There's no word on which project these two new singles will pop up on, but you can cop "Up" and "Thank God I Got It" on iTunes now or stream them below via Spotify.

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