One year and some change after dropping their ninth studio album and the Anonymous Nobody..., De La Soul return with a dope new visual for "Royalty Capes," a single they dropped back in July 2016.

The new video begins with Dave explaining the device he uses to deal with his congestive heart condition, which once almost took his life. It didn't succeed, though, and he, Maseo and Posdnuos lived to create another album and embark on another tour. The "Royalty Capes" video finds the three rappers touring Europe and performing in front of packed venues.

We see shots of De La onstage, behind the scenes and even more throughout the vid, which gives what feels like a pretty comprehensive look at tour life. "Royalty Capes" is the soundtrack, and the three sound as imperial as ever.

"The wealth is like ivory toothpicks/One out of each tusk/And must gets bust for each and every hiccup/Salute life when dawn breaks/Fawn colored faux mink lapels on these royalty capes/I repeat, salute life when dawn breaks/Fawn colored faux mink lapels around royalty capes," spits Dave on the jazzy tune.

Nearly 30 years into their career, the Long Island trio's still got it, and that's a point they make quite clearly in their new video for "Royalty Capes." Watch it below.

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