Dave East drops the two-part video for "Type of Time" and "Panda (East Mix)" exclusively through XXL. The XpensiveGlass-directed music video features Dave initially at the park drinking a bottle of Moet. With the park covered in snow after the the huge snowstorm that hit the Northeast last week, the Harlem native rattles off rhymes like he's a automatic rifle.

Next, Dave East is seen riding around with his crew in the streets of Harlem on ATVs and Jeeps for the "Panda" video. "Through the Rari or the Phantom/Now these bitches call me handsome/Got no time for no romancin’, hit it from the back on camera/Bend it over let me see it, a hundred thousand I can see it/In public housing with some crack on me/Lawyer money I can beat it," raps East with a ski mask on.

The former basketball player turned rapper has been busy in the studio recording his next mixtape. He previously released Hate Me Now last October to much praise. To feed his fans with new music, Dave started the #EastMix series. He also created an original song "Winners Never Lose" for Under Armour's new spot featuring New York Knick Jerian Grant. Dave is performing at Webster Hall on Feb. 10 and also in Japan on Feb. 26 (see flyer attached).

Dave East

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