Seattle's Dave B is back, dropping "Sweetest Thing," his first single off his new album Pearl that will be released on Nov. 17. The track was produced by Elan Wright and Nima Skeemz and is the perfect soothing song to get you through the day. The song is about how great love is when you find your soulmate. "It's a shame you a star and a pain in the ass and I can't keep my mind off you," croons Dave.

Pearl is inspired by the summer days down at the beach. However, Dave explains that making the album with with producers Elan Wright, Nima Skeemz and Darius Rios was not as smooth as planned. B explains, "It’s been a long journey making this album. So Elan, Nimon, Darius and I pretty much created the whole project. Then I lost my laptop with everything and we had to start again from scratch. We locked ourselves in the studio and with no time that summer to hit the beach, we created feel good music that took us there. And after all that, the end product is this luminous Pearl... it started off as a grain of sand and transcended into a beautiful, rare gem."

Dave B's versatility is what sets him apart, as he meshes hip-hop, jazz, R&B and funk elements throughout his music while also providing honest lyricism. Pearl is an eight-track project that only features his mom. To go along with the album, Dave B will also go on a PDA Tour with Manatee Commune in the northwest to showcase the project to his fans.

Peep "Sweetest Thing," the tracklist and artwork for Pearl plus tour stops below.

Dave B's Pearl Tracklist

1) "Again"
2) "Scrolling"
3) "Magnum"
4) "Pink Fleece"
5) "Down"
6) "Peekin"
7) "Sweetest Thing"
8) "Dreamboy" Feat. Mom

PDA Tour stops
Nov. 9 Velour - Provo, Utah
Nov. 11​​ Holocene -​​​ Portland
Nov. 13 ​​Hi-Fi Lounge -​​​ Eugene, Ore.
Nov. 16​​ The Bartlett​​​ - Spokane, Wash
Dec. 23​​ Key Arena ​​ - Seattle (w/Macklemore)

Dave B Music/PCA
Dave B Music/PCA

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