Seattle natives Dave B and Sango meet each others match on the collaborative album Tomorrow.

In case you're unfamiliar with this pair of upstarts, Sango spins futuristic beats for the likes of former XXL Freshman GoldLink and Dave B fuses hip-hop, jazz and neo-soul perfectly for those looking to fall down a Soundcloud rabbit hole. Propelled by the lead single "Help Me Find A Way", the pair have crafted a 12-track project worthy of a chill summer weekend. Notice how Dave B's words seem to just float over Sango's beats without jolt or hesitation. In the shadow of rappers like Macklemore, these guys are striving to put their city on the map.

"Tomorrow is the one day you can never really know what it will bring," explained Dave B when the project first dropped (July 22) via NPR. "I wanted to make a piece about our less exposed Seattle. Sango provided the perfect backdrop for us to do just that."

XXL checked in with Dave B. for The Break earlier this summer and asked how he defines his budding sound.

"Some people say Chance but I don’t really see that. Someone said Bryson Tiller and I didn’t see that at all," explained 24-year-old. "Someone on Twitter said if like Frank Ocean and Andre 300 had a baby it would be Dave B and I were like, ‘I’ll take that’ [laughs]. I don’t know if I would compare myself to anything or anyone. But [my sound] is real soulful. Not even really hip-hop but just some kind of contemporary version of hip-hop that’s got like a lot of really jazzy soulful undertones.”

Stream Tomorrow on Spotify below.

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