DaBaby goes major.

Today (Jan. 23), the 27-year-old Charlotte, N.C.-bred rapper announces that he's officially signed to Interscope Records. His signing comes as a part of a joint venture with South Coast Music Group, which is the independent label he signed to before also linking with Interscope.

In a statement given to XXL, the rapper, who's also known as Baby Jesus, explains that his decision to sign with Interscope was a matter of comfort.

"Interscope told me to keeping doing me, don't change nothin'," DaBaby tells XXL. "I feel right at home. Now it's time to make this house the biggest crib in the MF neighborhood.

For their part, South Coast Music Group's Arnold Taylor (CEO) and South Coast Music Group's King Carter (Vice President) are both excited about partnering with the storied label.

"After years of grinding South Coast Music Group is honored to have a partner like Interscope that understands what's required to take this Carolina movement to the next level and beyond," Taylor and Carter say in a joint statement.

This signing marks the culmination of a steady rise that began with the release of DaBaby's debut mixtape Non Fiction in 2015. Although he's come to be known as much for controversy as his music—he admitted to his involvement in a Walmart shooting that left one person dead back in November 2018—he's just positioned himself to accomplish many of the goals he set for himself at the beginning of his rise to rap fame.

“To take it where it never been taken before," DaBaby told XXL when asked about his goals back in 2017. "I am a perfectionist. "I don’t really limit myself. I want people to look at me crazy. As quick as I am, gaining success as I have, I knew it was going to take place. I’m doing it to succeed. When it comes to my goals, I’m talking Grammys, I’m talking legendary, to be the greatest of all time."

Here's to more success for DaBaby going forward.

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