It looks like DaBaby had plenty of fun in Los Angeles while engaging in activities around the 2022 Super Bowl this past weekend.

On Sunday (Feb. 13), the North Carolina rapper jumped on his Instagram account and shared a video of himself giving a homeless man $100 for a portable radio. In the clip, DaBaby, rocking Los Angeles Rams gear and blue boots, spots the old drifter holding a radio and asking him for money.

The Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment head honcho then asked him how loud the radio gets. The man turns it up and it reaches a couple of higher decibels. DaBaby asked him how much for the radio before giving him $100 bill. The homeless man is visibly shocked by the "Suge" rhymer's generous act. "My God," he uttered. Interestingly, DaBaby tells one of his handlers to take the radio from him, which he does, but very carefully by the antenna.

Baby captioned the post, "My boy pulled up w/ sumn for sale so I fucked w/ his pimpin."

DaBaby's latest video is in stark contrast to the clip that went viral last week for not-so-nice reasons.

As previously reported, DaBaby delivered a vicious beatdown on Brandon Bills, the brother of DaniLeigh, who is the mother of Baby's youngest daughter, at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, Calif., last Thursday (Feb. 10). In the video, both men threw punches at each other in between very slippery bowling lanes while onlookers watched in shock. Bills suffered the brunt of the fisticuffs as DaBaby's cronies piled on him and were dragging him by his braids.

While the specific details regarding what actually led to the fight are unclear, it can be presumed that the incident stems from DaBaby calling the police on DaniLeigh back in November after the two got into a domestic dispute on Instagram Live. Dani was later charged with assault after being accused of attacking the 30-year-old rapper. Subsequently, her brother, Bills, jumped on social media and challenged DaBaby to a one-on-one fight.

As far as the bowling alley incident, a spokesperson for the LAPD confirmed with XXL that a police report was filed for the altercation and DaBaby was listed as the suspect for assault with a deadly weapon.

Fights aside, DaBaby had some fun in L.A. last weekend. Check him out meeting the football G.O.A.T., Tom Brady, and hanging out in his Maybach and Rolls-Royce phantom vehicles below.

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