Curren$y doesn't need a reason to stunt and celebrates that fact on his new track "For Nothin," produced by Sledgren. Spitta followed up the drop with a brief message on Facebook, below, writing, "Imma warn y'all this time..... #andretti1030 at 10:30 on 10/30 #jlr... Yeah it's been a kilo err month this year .. Love y'all."

On the track, Curren$y peels out with more car talk, evoking a recent episode of his "Raps N Lowriders" web series. "7 chains on, walking 'round my house I ain't going out/Washed my car left it parked, the driveway look like a car lot," he raps. Back in August, the Louisiana native took fans into his domain as he cares for his ’64 candy green Chevy Impala, saying of an old school friend, “I told him one thing I knew for sure I was gonna do was low ride... I don’t know how I was gonna get it but I knew it was gonna happen. Now I got a drive way full of them bitches.”

That Facebook message refers to the fact that Curren$y has dropped a project every month, his 9/30 mixtape hitting the web in late September. Previous to that, he dropped an EP with Sledgren titled Revolver with a separate EP, Stoned on Ocean out in late June. When it comes to rhymes, wheels and good times, Curren$y seems to have unlimited gas, with Andretti 10/30 dropping this coming Saturday at 10:30, though Spitta doesn't specify whether it's a.m. or p.m.

Listen to "For Nothin" off that project up above.

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