Curren$y wanted to scale back his release schedule, but a trip to Atlanta inspired him to drop a new project. The New Orleans rapper announced that he would release a new EP titled Jetlanta on Friday (Jan. 13). The project will feature contributions by T.Y. and Corner Boy P along with production by Don Cannon and Purps of 808 Mafia.

"The city showed us so much love we just decided to put an ep together out of music we recorded on this trip to Atlanta," Curren$y wrote on Instagram. "Friday we will drop #jetlanta production from @doncannon and @itspurps #jetlanta ... I hope everybody loves it. Got @sonofa_gangsta and @fendi_p ridin wit me on this #jlrworkin #jetlanta it's a collaborative effort so don't jump on me about my vow to chill out till album time.... Love and respect .... Roll up."

Spitta referenced his previous declaration to stop releasing new music until he had an album ready, which he made upon the arrival of his 12/30 mixtape.

“Not that it was a bad thing, but month after month, you drop another project and some people lose focus — they didn’t catch up to that one, but they caught on to the other ones,” Curren$y said. “They might’ve missed 10/30, but they have 11/30. I wanna give people a chance, that’s why we gonna fall back for a few.”

It seems like the Jet Life MC can't help himself when it comes to dropping new projects. Curren$y is also planning a collaborative EP with Freddie Gibbs.

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