Back in March 2011, Southern rap trio and foundational underground group Cunninlynguists dropped their Oneirology album. Ever since, the crew has laid somewhat low, releasing the Strange Journey Volume Three compilation in 2014 followed by two EPs this year. Now, they've officially announced their first full-length album in over six years.

Rose Azura Njano is the group's sixth studio album, and it will be released on Oct. 6. the first six songs from the album come from the two EPs they dropped earlier this year—The Rose and The Azura EP. The rest of the album will be brand new material. You can peep the entire tracklist below.

Fans of the group should know the trio's music often has a conceptual bent to it, and Rose Azura Njano follows a main character named Rose, who's afflicted with chromesthesia (a.k.a. synesthesia) and personifies "Black music in America and its history in pain, loss, hardships and socio-political movements."

In addition, the group will be touring across Europe for the month of October. Find out more information at their website.

In case you missed it, we talked to Deacon, Natti and Kno about their classic 2006 album a Piece of Strange for the 10th anniversary of the LP last year.

Listen to "Violet (The Upper Room)" below and pre-order the album on iTunes.

Cunninlynguists' Rose Azura Njano Tracklist

1. "Red White & Blues" Feat. Jason Coffey
2. "Riot!"
3. "Red Bird"
4. "Violet (The Upper Room)"
5. "Gone" Feat. Trizz
6. "Any way the Wind Blows"
7. "Mr. Morganfield & Ms. Waters (A-Side)"
8. "Jimi & Andre (B-Side)"
9. "Hustler"
10. "Oh Honey" Feat. Farah Elle
11. "No Universe Without Harmony"
12. "Earth to Venus (Tiny Orange Star)"

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