Coming off the success of his One Night Only project, Cousin Stizz is back with two new songs. The Boston rapper drops "Dash" and "Love Song," two loosies for his fans' enjoyment. With Labor Day weekend upon us, these records come at the perfect time.

"Dash" is produced by frequent collaborator Tee-WaTT and finds Stizz rapping about how his life has changed since he's making serious money now. "I got too much weed in my blunt/I got too much lean in my cup/Live like rock stars, pop stars, cop cars/On our ass, dash, don't crash." Life is very different from his days living in Dorchester.

For "Love Song," which is produced by DumDrumz, Stizz rhymes about how nothing will get in between him and his money. "Weed by the pieces when I was a teen (aye)/I bring it back if the pack lookin' cheap/Me and the team in the cut and we deep, fact/Bro kickin' doors, he do not need a key (woo)/Be off a bean for a week, I don't sleep (woo)/Lean, knowin' me, turnin' hoes into freaks (freaks)," he raps.

Cousin Stizz will be on the road this fall for a North American tour starting next month in Philadelphia, Bump both songs below.

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