Cory Gunz is gearing up to make another hard return onto the rap scene, and the Bronx native is about to release his upcoming Kriminal Minded EP in the near future. The veteran rapper has been teasing his new project for a few years now, and we finally got some details as to what fans can expect when it drops.

During an intimate sit-down interview with XXL, Gunz revealed that the title of the EP is an ode to the legendary KRS-One, but doesn't want people to think that he's trying to recreate the original Criminal Minded album from 1987.

"I'm currently working on an EP titled Kriminal Minded. It's an ode to KRS-One, but at the same time I don't want people to think like I'm redoing his whole thing," Gunz explains. "It's basically, to sum everything up, it's just being a prisoner of your thoughts. Like, caged thoughts, basically. I'm just speaking my mind, freedom of speech and bringing it back to that aspect."

The 32-year-old MC also says that the project's content will contain subject matter pertaining to his life, things he does and things he's gone through. He even gives away some titles of tracks, including "Different" and "174th."

Fans will also be excited to learn that Cory is teaming up with his father, Peter Gunz, to do a joint project called 2 Gunz Up. There's no word on when the collaboration project will be released, but he does say that he is also brewing up music for his debut album as well.

Watch our full interview with Cory Gunz in the video below.

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