Consequence recently checked in for an interview with Power 106, and the Chicago rapper and songwriter opened up about penning for other artists, most notably his work on Jay Z's "Encore."

It's no secret that Cons has put work in with other MCs. He famously worked with Kanye West on his first few projects both credited and uncredited. During the interview he revealed that the assistance he provided on Hov's Black Album stands out as some of his most memorable handy work.

"One record, in particular, I was happy about to be a part of was Jay Z’s ‘Encore,'” Consequence said. “When me and Kanye kinda was on the phone and we actually kinda came up with the chorus back and forth.”

"Enocore" was produced by Kanye West, but according to the personnel listing, West and Hov are only credited as writing for the song. Con has claimed to have not gotten credit on songs he's had a hand in before, including "Champion" off West's Graduation LP. This strain eventually led to him severing ties G.O.O.D. Music to whom he was once signed. Him and West settled their issues a couple years ago.

Later on in the sit-down, Cons spoke on the nature of ghostwriting, and how outing the pen man should be a no no in his book. "It’s a little venomous to out somebody’s [ghostwriter],” he said. “Especially if you were paid, compensated and you did get your credit and publishing it’s kind of like that’s it. That’s just the closed deal. It’s a closed book.”

Check out the entire interview, above.

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