Common is preparing to release his new album Black America Again. Today (Sept. 22), the Chi-town MC drops the powerful title track featuring Stevie Wonder, complete with an accompanying music video.

The thoughtful, socially conscious rapper rhymes about the state of black America, touching on topics such as Trayvon Martin, black mothers worrying about their sons' safety, black-on-black crime, money disparity between white and black athletes (Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, specifically) and much, much more. This track is definitely worth a listen.

Common kicks off the verse by rapping, "Here we go, here here we go again/Trayvon'll never get to be an older man/Black children, they childhood stole from them/Robbed of our names and our language, stole again."

Stevie Wonder handles the outro, stating, "You know, you know, you know. One way of solving a lot of problems we got is to let a person feel like somebody and a man can't get himself together until he knows who he is and be proud of what and who he is, and where he come from, and where he come from." He also uses his golden pipes and sings "We are rewriting the black American story" multiple times over lush piano keys.

The 44-year-old artist unleashed the first single from Black America Again in early September. On "Lovestar," the Windy City native spits, “A doctor of it, you gots to love it/God body language, I be spitting while we fucking/In your ear with something it ain’t clear/On your inside it appear, so somehow you’re here/I’m saying I wanna stay inside/They say I’m a deep nigga, I’ma go way inside,”

You can view the video for "Black America Again" above via YouTube.

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