Coi Leray has denied ever having a phone thrown in her face after Chrisean Rock claimed she did in a recent interview.

Coi Leray Denies Phone-in-Face Incident Following Chrisean Rock's Claim

On Friday (Nov. 3), Coi Leray hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and seemingly refuted Chrisean Rock's recent claim that she had a phone thrown in her face. "Never got hit in the face with a phone in my life," she tweeted, which you can read below.

Prior to that, Coi wrote, "Don’t believe the [cap] [blue cap emoji]." She also added:
"Click bait be so corny. But whatever helps push the 'brand' do what you gotta do. S**t get old and tired after a while. I'm 26. The drama is just so f**king corny to me at this point. Stay blessed [heart with stars emoji]."

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Chrisean Rock Recalls Heated Clash With Coi Leray

Coi Leray didn't mention any names in her tweets, but she may have been referring to Chrisean Rock's claim on The Jason Lee Show that she almost got into a fight with the "Players" rapper after Chrisean alleged that Coi tried to get with Blueface and ghosted her on a song.

"I thought she wanted to do a collab on some music, but really she was just trying to out me out the plan and bag my n***a and some other s**t," Chrisean said at the 2:01:40-mark in the video below. "I'm like, 'You can have [him], I just want the verse.'...We fell out because she wanted what she wanted. She had a hidden agenda when she hung out with me."

The reality TV star and rapper went further and said that she ran into Coi on a tour bus with GloRilla earlier this year, while she was still pregnant. Apparently, a cell phone got thrown at Coi.

"[Coi] in everybody face," she detailed. "She know we not cool. You can ask anybody that was right there. N***a, I took out my phone, I'll buy a new one, I threw that b***h at her face...She just wanna sit in my face and smile. I ain't know what it was. But I didn't give a f**k what it was."

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Read Coi's tweet and watch Chrisean's interview with Jason Lee below.

Read Coi Leray's Tweet About Being Hit With a Phone

coil leray tweet
coi leray tweets about phone thrown in face claim.
Coi Leray tweets about phone thrown in face claim.

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