Coi Leray is considering undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

Coi Leray Declares She's Thinking About Breast Enhancement Surgery

On Tuesday (Oct. 17), Coi Leray hit up X, formerly known as Twitter, to divulge some new goals she's apparently set for herself and her physical appearance. The Boston-born, New Jersey-bred rapper is kicking around the idea of getting some augmentation done on her breasts.

"Thinking about some new t*ts," Coi bluntly stated in the tweet below.

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Coi Leray Responds to Fans Who Don't Think She Needs Breast Enhancement Surgery

After catching a glimpse of Coi Leray's cosmetic consideration on Monday, fans began to flood her comments section with words of encouragement on both sides of the coin. She responded directly to a couple of the more positive reactions.

"You good right now," one fan replied. "I personally think you're still growing into your body."

"Lol they said age 18 is when breast are fully developed," Coi Leray responded. "Lmaoo I'm 26 years old."

Another X user chimed in with: "I think you look great, but if you do get them go for smaller ones that fit your small frame. Don't let the doctors convince you to go the bimbo route. My friend got smaller ones and they look amazing and very natural to fit her small frame."

To that, a gracious Coi Leray met the thoughtful tweet by replying, "This is good advice thanks."

Coi Leray Explained She's Proud to Be Skinny Prior to Considering Breast Enhancement Surgery

Coi Leray's decision to think about undergoing surgery comes following a history of speaking out regarding the fact that her slender frame is often a topic of discussion. Back in June of 2021, Coi tweeted about the criticism she faces as a result of her natural figure.

"My body is always trending," Coi Leray tweeted at the time. "I don't understand. Is there a certain way I'm supposed to look? Help me understand. In the Bible, is it a sin to be thin? Help me understand."

However, earlier this year, Coi took a much more confident approach to addressing body shamers by explaining that she's perfectly content with being slim.

"Skinny and proud," Coi Leray declared on X back in April. "People be like you need to eat. Only thing I'm eating is this motherf**king hit. Actually... I'm ready to eat another one... Ready for more music?"

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Check out Coi Leray explain that she's considering "some new t*ts" as well as her responses to fans in the tweets below.

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