The drama between Future and Ciara continues as e-mails have surfaced in which the R&B singer claims her child's father is a lousy parent and often drops young Future off in an unsuitable condition after visits.

The email exchange, obtained by Daily Mail, shows a conversation between the lawyers for both Ciara and Future. The discussion happens three days after Future went on a Twitter rant about his custody battle with Ciara tweeting, "This bitch got control problems."

Ciara's lawyers are asking the rapper to retract the statement and saying, "[Ciara] has serious concerns about [Future's] parenting skills and the child's safety while in his care." The lawyer uses examples of the baby being returned reeking of weed smoke or the baby's clothes being returned soiled.

The email goes on, "Additionally, Ms. Harris [Ciara] would require a retraction tweeted or released by Mr. Wilburn's publicist, which states:'I regret the comments that I made in reference to Ciara via Twitter on January 4, 2016. My statements were misleading. I apologize for using offensive language, and I also apologize for any inconvenience or ill will this may have caused.'

Clearly, Future didn't make any type of public statement, so Ciara decided to go on with her massive $15 million libel lawsuit against the rapper. Word out of Future's camp is he plans to countersue Ci Ci claiming she has thrown public shade at him as well.

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