After dropping off the single "Practice" earlier this month, Philadelphia's Chynna has finally released her Music 2 Die 2 EP. Along with the lead single, the four-track project also features the songs "Asia Black Market," "Bets" and "Seasonal Depression."

On "Practice," Chynna raps over a Heaven In Stereo beat, spitting, “Welcome to my crib, welcome to my whip/You know my hot rod still a stick, get it how I live/Hit for practice, kill for kicks/Still on deck, peep my neck/I spend insurance on my wrist, went to Florence on a whim/Been a tourist, bought a crib and went on tour before I dipped/You an actress, you a bitch/No respect, suck my dick."

Production on the Music 2 Die 2 EP is also handled by Suicideyear, TĀLĀ​, Beat Butcha​ and HONGSΔMMAN​. The EP is a follow up to Chynna's 2016 project, Ninety

In support of the EP, the Philadelphia rapper will also be hitting the road in October. Starting on Oct. 5, Chynna will be performing in Tallahassee, Fla. before making stops in Detroit, Los Angeles, Seattle and Houston. The tour wraps up on Dec. 16 in Philadelphia.

In a recent interview with XXLthe 22-year-old rapper described her style as "scary and dense," calling it "kind of cryptic." She added, "But it sets a mood where I think a lot of times when people are rapping fast, you can't create an atmosphere to it, but [my sound] creates a kind of dark doomsday atmosphere that still if you want to listen closer you'll get something more from it, but if not, it sets a tone."

Check out the Music 2 Die 2 tracklist and listen to the project below. You can purchase the project on iTunes.

Chynna's Music 2 Die 2 EP Tracklist

1. "Practice"
2. "Asia Black Market"
3. "Bets"
4. "Seasonal Depression"

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