The shooting that went down last week at a 6ix9ine video shoot with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj in Beverly HIlls, Calif. has many people talking. Even Chuck D has chimed in.

The Public Enemy front man was interviewed by TMZ on Friday (Nov. 9) at LAX and he had an interesting take on the situation. Chuck D has been both the voice of reason and the voice of rebellion during his lengthy rap career, but can't understand why Kanye would associate with the volatile rapper based partially on their age difference.

"Where is a older person hanging out with a younger person anyway?" Chuck questioned. "Either you help the younger person or you just gotta stay outta that."

He added, "I don't think people should use the culture to drag the everyday disfunctionally into it. You got millions in prison right now who are looking at a situation like that kid, or whoever, and saying, 'Damn, if I only had a chance, I'm locked down because of some dumb shit I did.' So you always gotta keep in mind who is on that other side who don't have those opportunities."

Chuck believes Tekashi needs better guidance. "It ain't the kid's fault," Chuck added. "If you are an older person and you can't even guide the younger person, or you don't have the wisdom to have them pick up on it, then you just got to stay out of that. What was a 40-year-old person hanging with a 20-year-old person anyway?"

Since the shooting, surveillance video has been released that shows the gunmen firing at the Beverly Hills mansion where the shoot was taking place.

See what Chuck had to say in full below.

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