Update (Nov. 5, 11:38 a.m.): Top 5 hits select theaters on Dec. 5 and nationwide on Dec. 12. In the clip above, Tracey Morgan and Chris Rock name their top five MCs in hip-hop of all-time.

Chris Rock’s top 5 rappers:
Jay Z
6th man: LL Cool J (Before his TV show)

Tracy Morgan’s top 5 rappers:
Slick Rick
Big Daddy Kane
6th Man: Jay Z


Anytime you're asked the question, "Who's your top five favorite rappers of all-time?" you know it's going to spark some sort of controversy. Well, Rosario Dawson segued into the role of a journalist and posed her co-star Chris Rock that same question in the trailer for their movie, Top Five.

Rock—who plays fading comedian Andre Allen—is on the verge of falling off the face of the planet in this new flick.  Chelsea Brown—played by Rosario Dawson—is a reporter seeking to find the answers as to why. The film executively produced by Jay Z and Kanye West, will certainly have fans hitting the movies for his flick.

As for Rock's top five rappers, his character Andre Allen answered: “My Top Five is Jay, Nas, Scarface, Rakim, then I might let Biggie get in there. My sixth is LL Cool J—before the show!” Gotta wonder what Kanye had to say about that.

Check out the trailer for Rock's new movie, Top Five, which hits theaters Dec. 12. Expect cameos from Tracy Morgan, Gabrielle Union, Cedric the Entertainer, Kevin Hart and Whoopi Goldberg.