Chris Brown's house was invaded early this morning (July 15). According to TMZthe invaders broke in with intentions to rob Brown's home, holding his aunt at gunpoint before locking her in a closet as they raided the house.

The ordeal took place around 2 a.m. at Breezy's San Fernando home he recently purchased. Three armed men broke in and immediately held Brown's aunt at gunpoint. After leading her to a closet and locking her in, they ransacked the house, taking money and anything else that they could. His aunt called 911, but by the time cops arrived the robbers were gone. Law enforcement sources say the three robbers targeted the San Fernando home knowing it belonged to the famous singer. While holding Brown's aunt at gunpoint, the men made a point to share this information with her, which she then told authorities when they arrived at the scene.

Reports say that the "Ayo" singer was not home during the invasion; he was out on the town at Argyle, a club in Hollywood. TMZ reports that Brown left the club around 2:13 a.m., the same time his home was being robbed. Sources also told TMZ that Chris' mother thinks one of CB's friends is behind the home invasion. His mom, Joyce Hawkins, has reportedly been telling the singer that having grown men rely on him for a living are not his real friends and are only putting Chris in bad situations. The "friends" issue is one of the main reasons Chris Brown and Hawkins are not on good terms.

This is the second time this year Chris Brown has had to worry about people breaking into his home; back in May, Amira Kodcia Ayeb, a 21-year-old from Tunisia and an aspiring singer herself, broke into Brown’s house, where she stayed for more than two days while waiting in his bed naked. The whole story was pretty wacky. Since then, Brown beefed up his security, which reportedly was not present during the first home invasion.